Welcome to the Southern Michigan Bankruptcy Center! We are a bankruptcy law firm in Holland, MI. We provide experienced bankruptcy representation in a friendly atmosphere for clients throughout Michigan. If your wages are being garnished, bank accounts levied or state tax refunds intercepted, we will ensure future collection efforts are ceased. We will also have the creditor return any funds taken from you, that you are entitled to under the bankruptcy code.

If you are looking for a Holland bankruptcy lawyer, call our office today for a free bankruptcy consultation. In addition to our normal business hours, evening and weekend appointments are available as well. You may call day or night, 7 days a week to speak directly to our attorney. Our office will not pressure you into filing or make you feel obligated in any manor. If you are calling simply to have some questions answered and nothing more, that's perfectly fine and welcomed.


$1,500 Attorney Fee

$335 Court Filing Fee

Our bankruptcy attorney fee includes handling your entire bankruptcy case from start to finish and there are no hidden fees.


Bankruptcy Consultation

Contact us to schedule a free consultation if you are looking to file bankruptcy in Holland, MI. Our office will review your financial situation and advise you on whether filing bankruptcy makes sense for you. If we feel that bankruptcy is unnecessary, we will tell you and not pressure you into filing. Bankruptcy may not make sense if you are judgment proof, amount of debt is small, or the majority of your debts are nondischargable.

Petition Filing

If filing a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is determined to be a good fit for you, we will gather the information needed to file your case. After we have all the necessary information, we will electronically file your case. We understand that our clients are often being garnished, so we file bankruptcy cases as quickly as needed.

Bankruptcy Hearings and Court Appearances

Routine Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases will have just one formality, the 341 Meeting of the Creditors. However, some bankruptcy cases are complicated and may require other hearings and court appearances. Our office will let you know during the consultation if you should expect additional formalities.

Bankruptcy Discharge

You will receive your bankruptcy discharge a couple months after the 341 Meeting of the Creditors is held. At this point, all eligible debts are eliminated and you now have no personal liability to pay them.

Bankruptcy Final Decree

A final decree officially closes the bankruptcy case. The final decree is not entered by the court until the bankruptcy trustee has administered all the assets and the money collected has been paid to the creditors.


To help speed up the bankruptcy process, please provide the following documents to our office as soon as possible:

•  Pay stubs covering the 60 day period prior to filing bankruptcy

•  Federal and State Tax Returns for the most recent tax year

•  Financial statements for each account covering the 90 day period prior to filing bankruptcy

•  Certificate of title for all personal property

•  Deed and mortgage documents and current State Equalized Value documentation

•  Declarations page for insurance covering personal and real property

•  Retirement account statement(s)

•  Copy of divorce judgement, if applicable

•  Documentation of any Domestic Support Obligation

There are a decent amount of bankruptcy attorneys in Holland to choose from, so we greatly appreciate your consideration. Thank you for visiting our law firm's website.